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Map your account as a network share to easily upload and edit content or connect to your site using SFTP clients (available for free from the WebStore for Windows and Mac).

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Visit to find video tutorials covering virtually all aspects of modern web design, from basic to advanced. Check out Lynda's Web, Design, and Developer tutorial hubs.

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Hello, people. Start building. is the new platform for basic web hosting of personal websites at UIC. We built to provide a better, secure web development environment and more space for hosting personal content, whether it's your online portfolio, class project or a faculty profile.

CGI, PHP and more.

Drop PHP and CGI files anywhere in your web root directory. Troubleshoot errors with your own log files located in your home directory. Create a SQLite database or request a free MySQL database hosted on a dedicated server.

Experimental features. Start exploring.

Interested in developing Rails or Node.js applications? Experimental support for applications is available.